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Kiin Baby

Wooden Baby Brush + Comb Set

Wooden Baby Brush + Comb Set

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The ideal eco-friendly and natural set for gently grooming your mini's soft and delicate hair! Made from beechwood + goat wool, it features super soft natural wool bristles that won't irritate your mini's scalp but rather, can help to remove dry skin, prevent cradle cap and stimulate the scalp to encourage new hair growth. 

It is also makes for a great routine to help soothe and relax your mini. 


  • Includes: 2x brushes
  • Measurement: Brush 15x4cm, Comb 14.5x4.5x1cm
  • Made from: Natural Goats Wool bristles and Natural beechwood brush handle/ comb
  • Designed in Australia and made in China 


  • Wool bristles can be washed with shampoo and conditioner. 
  • Please avoid getting the handle wet to avoid cracking or damage.
  • Lay flat to dry. 
  • Do not use bleach-based cleaners to clean the product. 

Please do not allow your infant or child to mouth or chew this product or packaging as it is not a toy. 
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