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Memory Game - Woodland

Memory Game - Woodland

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These sturdy and adorable acorn shaped cards are perfect for encouraging your mini's cognitive skills whilst playing! They are designed perfectly for your mini's little hands and is guaranteed to stimulate their imagination. You will find owl, squirrel, hedgehog, fox, and more in this illustrated Woodland themed set. 

How to Play: Lay each card face down on a flat surface.  Placing the cards in neat rows will assist with keeping track of their locations. Each turn, a player turns over two cards to see if they have found a matching pair. If you get a pair, place those cards in front of you and take another turn. It is the next player's turn when no match is made.  Once all of the cards are matched, the player who has the most pairs wins. 

**Hint: to begin with an easier level of play, you can remove some pairs from the set to have a reduced number of cards. As children's memory and matching skills improve, add more cards back in to keep the game stimulating for even more playtime. For an earlier start, show your child the cards face-up and let them match the images and colors. 



  • Includes: 40 cards for 20 matching pairs.
  • Suitable for ages 3Y+
  • Made from: Sturdy FSC certified board.
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