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Play Picnic Mat - Maxi

Play Picnic Mat - Maxi

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Made of buttery soft vegan leather on top and flocked suede on the bottom, faemli's mats are an essential for your mini's meal times, sensory play and outdoor picnics! The mats feature a debossed logo on the front side and a hanging strap on the back side, making it easy to clean and hang. Wipeable and water resistant, these mats are perfect for travelling as they are compact, lightweight and portable with the included canvas bag. 

The  faemli maxi mat is designed to travel with you and family/friends to the beach, the park, or simply stay home on the living room floor or over the table. 


  • Includes: 1x Mat & canvas bag. 
  • Measurement: 
    Maxi: 135cm x 135cm
  • Available in 3 colours. 
  • Suitable for ages 0+
  • Made from - Buttery soft vegan leather on top and flocked suede (12% leather fibres) on the bottom.


  • Wipe with damp, soapy cloth or paper towel. 
  • Use a gentle cleaner is needed - do not use products containing acid or chlorine. 
  • To clean the flocked suede bottom, shake off any dirt, grass, sand etc, gently wipe clean with a damp cloth or wipes and gentle cleaner if needed. 
  • Dry Flat and ensure it is completely dry before folding & storing away.
  • Do not machine wash, tumble dry, dry clean, iron, bleach or soak.
  • Mats can be stored hanging or folded.



  • Avoid permanent markers/pens, anything with heavy dyes, sharp objects while using the mat.
  • Be careful with mineral sunscreens as they may stain.
  • Wrinkles can be released by laying your mat flat in the sun or hanging it when not in use. General use of the mat will gradually release deep creases.
  • The flocked suede bottom is durable and made to wear, just like the soles of your shoes.

Please visit faemli's website for more information. 
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