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Happy Little People

Card Deck: The Third Year

Card Deck: The Third Year

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Give your mini the gift of meaningful play! The third year card deck gives you 42 play-based prompts to help your toddler thrive. 

Your toddler is full of energy and curiosity as they're learning more and more everyday. This all-in-one card deck, designed by two educators and mums, has been created to help support your toddler's early learning and development! 


Developmental Benefits:  Bonding & Trust, Fine & Gross Motor Skills, Cognitive Development, Auditory & Language Skills, Sensory Play & Awareness, Exploration


  • Includes: 1x deck of 52 activity cards. 
  • Measurement: Card deck measures 6.5 cm x 9cm x 2 cm.
  • Suitable for ages 3-5Y.
  • Activity cards are printed on premium quality card stock. 


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